Man drawing a house blueprint in natureSelf-building is becoming more popular in the UK with an ever increasing number of people having the confidence and the inspiration to design and build their very own dream home. Rather than accepting the limitations of an existing property, or the often restrictive size and shape of a new-build, the attraction of self-building is that you can, within reason, incorporate all the features that you desire together with the room shapes, sizes and proportions that are ideal to suit your needs. If you are interested in incorporating environmentally friendly features, for example, or have a particular requirement such as open plan living, you can ensure that all criteria is met when making your own plans.

Of course, a certain amount of confidence and self-belief is essential to success in a self-building project. It also requires some common sense – if you have no experience of building yourself, it would obviously be wise to hire in professional help. If you have never run a construction project before, an experienced pBusiness team in small architect studioroject manager would clearly be an asset to the team in order to manage the technical details and liaise with other agencies. If you think that self-building your own dream home might be a bit too much to take on then property renovation could be more suitable for you. Even though renovations can take a lot of time and effort, there are a number of elements that are already taken care of so this can reduce the size of the project.

There are many things that are essential to consider when you decide to embark on a self-build project: Location, planning permissions, cost and budget, and project management are all vital concerns. Ensuring that everything is in order before commencing work makes it much less likely that something will go wrong part way through the project and going through the budget carefully lowers the chances of running out of finances before the house is complete. Although there are likely to be some compromises it is important to make sure that quality does not suffer.

This website looks at some of the most important considerations and pitfalls when self-building.